“Neal was my immediate supervisor while I was working at Prosper, and I couldn't have asked for a better manager and mentor. He is extremely well disciplined in his craft and always took the time to manage projects effectively and communicate expectations clearly. Because of this, he always helped the team maintain deadlines and client expectations while also fostering a fantastic creative environment in which to design. Neal is the kind of manager I would love to work with again, and I highly recommend him for any creative leadership positions he might come across.”

Michelle Zundel
Interactive Designer, Vivint

"Neal Jenks is a top-notch graphic designer who brings a high level of creativity and imagination to every project he touches. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Neal for the past few years on dozens of projects both as a co-worker and as a freelancer. He is a very talented designer who excels at branding and communicating visually with the target audience. One of the qualities that makes Neal truly unique is the fact that he’s one of the precious few creatives I’ve ever worked with who gets both design AND marketing. I recommend Neal and his work without any reservations. Hire him if you need a top designer who gets marketing and whose work gets results. Plus--he’s one heck of a nice guy who is a blast to work with and who always brings his A game."

George Paiva
President, Humbucker Media

“Neal is one of the most innovative and visionary designers I've had the pleasure of working with. I have been blown away by his designs through the six years I have been working with him, and have always been astounded by the combination of end-user foresight, intuitive design, and the 'eye' for aesthetics he clearly possesses. To call Neal a 'good designer' is like understating the sun as 'bright'. He is a solar flare of talent. I can honestly say that not many people have as much dedication to their craft as Neal Jenks. If you have a design project which is mission critical - he's your guy.”

Dane Ing
VP of Business Development, Prosper

“Over the years I have worked with many capable and talented designers, but very few have been able to marry beautiful, aesthetic design with usability and accessibility as well as Neal. Most designers seem to view usability as a burden that interferes with their ability to make things look good, but Neal has a passion for it views it as the essential element of design it should be. In the time I worked with him, he spent as much time studying usability as he did the other visual elements of design. Instead of begrudgingly giving way to marketing's requests to increase usability, utility, and conversion elements of a page or marketing piece, Neal actively suggested great ways to improve on proposed designs and copy to meet the company's goals. He was a pleasure to work with and a great designer. There's a reason he was part of a group at the company nick-named 'The Solids.' His designs are solid and so is he."

Clark Winegar
Owner, Mustache Power Productions

“I have hired Neal for numerous projects over the years and though each was significantly different he was able to produce perfectly targeted designs. His work is top notch and I have come to expect the best from him and in his ability to turn ideas into visual implementations.”

Steve Lyon
Co-Founder, Roaring Development

“To say Neal is a design wizard would be a massive understatement! I have had Neal do many projects for me and each time was very straightforward. I would tell Neal what I was hoping for and he would go and work his magic. Without exception, he nailed the projects the first time. He knows what you want and how to design it the way you are thinking, but might not have the exact words to explain it. I will have Neal do work for me in the future and any one lucky enough to have him work for them, will have their expectations exceeded!”

Jared Richards
Founder, Lynx Marketers

“Neal Jenks did all of the design work for our logo and website. He took my rough and not quite thought out original idea and applied his creative genius to sort out some of the branding issues it had and then to come up with a final solution that was much stronger and more consistent than I even knew was possible. He then took that final idea and with consummate skill turned it into a polished finished product I am still proud of to this day. I never had to check up on him or worry if he would met the deadlines he had committed to. If he said he would do it, he did it on time and on budget. I can't recommend Neal highly enough. If you work with him, you will soon learn why.”

Andy Olsen
Engineering Consultant, rFocus

“Neal and I worked together for multiple years. Specifically, he and I worked closely together for a book launch which project scope took us over a year to complete. He was incredibly detailed and prompt in his response to creative brainstorming and delivery of products. He would listen to creative direction from the launch project team-or be the one to instigate the conversation, ask for clarity when needed and then respond quickly with deliverables that exceeded expectations. He was particularly instrumental in creating and defining our company branding and always maintained the integrity of our brand with design around advertising, logos, communications, web design, video design, and promotional products. His work in creative writing, anticipating customer needs and trends, and building a company brand was highly impressive to me and I knew I could trust him with any project or idea.”

Jeff Kempton
Human Resources Generalist, Zions Bancorporation

“I worked side by side with Neal for 5+ years, and it was always a pleasure. He has a the ability to organize chaos and deliver a creative solution. Conversion was also key in our line of work and Neal was always able to make a high converting solution that back out but also one that look great. He was able to wear the right hat at the right time, weather it was branding or direct response. Anyone is lucky to work with Neal.”

Dan VanOrman
Director of Marketing, Prosper

“Without question Neal is one of the best designers I have worked with. The projects that I have worked with him have always been a great experience of collaboration and insight that, I feel, were the difference between a good project and a GREAT project. Thank you to Neal and his professionalism and expert experience.”

Nate Stoddard
VP Business Development, Sundance Canyon, Inc.

“While Neal and I did not work together for long, it was more than long enough for me to see his deep talent and his passion for getting stuff done right. We did work closely on one project. I was tasked with overseeing the development of the branding for a new product line Prosper was pursuing. We had been working with a high-profile graphic designer from Portland. His work was wonderful and exciting...but it just wasn't quite hitting the mark for any of the key decision makers. Neal took a stab at it and, no exaggeration, he nailed it with his first try. He was able to smoothly tie in the branding of the parent brand and presented it in such a fresh and compelling way that we all knew it was right. Made me wonder why we didn't just have Neal do it to begin with, but if he had felt slighted, he never showed it. He was and is a complete professional. He knows his craft. I just wish I could have worked with him more. I'd welcome any chance to have him on the same team again.”

Jason Russell
Director of Communications, Savi Health

“I have had the pleasure of working with Neal for nearly 2 years. Neal is intensely creative and takes his work very seriously. His finished products are nothing short of masterful. As an individual, he is an example of outstanding moral character, never compromising his integrity. Neal's work is instrumental in generating thousands of qualified leads that serve to feed a sales force of more than 100 members. Aside from Neal's creative accomplishments, he has a passion for team work and workplace culture. He is constantly striving to implement new opportunities to unite the marketing department and increase comradery. Neal would be a valuable asset to any marketing department.”

Gregory Downey
Success Coach/Curriculum Development, Prosper

“Neal is solid. Worked with him for many years at Doba, and Neal was able to take business needs/desires and not only translate that into design and UI that kept the spirit of what we thought wanted, but to add to it in ways that I always felt moved us far more forward.”

Jeremy Hanks
Founder/Chairman/CEO, DropShip Commerce

“I worked with Neal Jenks at DOBA for about a year. We worked on a number of marketing campaigns and feature enhancements to the DOBA website including a complete rebranding of the company. Neal was the first truly professional graphic & web designer to work for DOBA. He established the groundwork for all designers after him and raised the bar in the presentation of the DOBA brand. What truly made him succeed was the fact that Neal is one of the best team players I’ve ever worked with. He’s attentive to the needs of the customers and his coworkers. He always has a lighthearted disposition, and that made working with him a pleasure.”

Erik Dewhurst
Software Engineer and Founder, MusicianForest.com

“Working with Neal was such a great experience. His creative eye combined with his technical knowledge make him an exceptional Creative Director. I could always count on Neal to provide good insight, and work with the team to develop the best product and experience possible. Although timelines were usually tight, he was easy to work with and always willing to help.”

Samantha Hoffman
Event Planner, Zija International

“Neal has the most creative mind I've ever seen. His design work is impressive and professional. I've seen him design everything from a business card to a website. He is great under pressure and is willing to do what it takes to complete a task by the deadline. He works hard and makes work enjoyable for those around him. Any team would be fortunate to have him."

Carson Cullimore
Consultant, Anglepoint Inc.

“Neal is solid. He was a great asset to my team. His greatest strength is integrity. He is honest, loyal, and a hard worker. He's really creative and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in direct/response marketing.”

Wade Shearer
Director - User Experience, Vivint

“Working with Neal, I was always confident that he would grasp our marketing goals and interpret them into flawless design. He is easy to work with, open to input and cares most about the success of the final product.”

Crissi Cupak
Media Buying and Marketing Management, Independent Contractor

"Neal designed a logo and style-guide for our youth percussion program that far exceeded expectations. He was quick to grasp and translate into imagery the emotion and message we wanted to convey. His work is in a word professional. I highly recommend him and his work."

Cody Loucks
Owner and Founder, Beat It

"Neal is meticulous ... an important element required when developing and creating websites, landing pages, banners etc. His attention to not only the placement of words but the colors and how the colors impact the outcome of a lead or sale is bar none. Neal is very knowledgeable, reliable, passionate and a joy to have worked with."

Sonia Lent
Online Media Professional

“A genuine fellow who is passionate about creativity and success for his clients, Neal was always quick to contribute and offer a fresh, grounded perspective to any individual or team project. A talented artist with an overflowing quiver of web and marketing expertise. Neal was a pleasure to work with!”

John Spencer
Art Director, Adobe Systems

“Neal created a business logo for my new business. His work was excellent and prompt. I would recommend him for any graphic design project.”

Ben Peterson
Owner, Resolve IT Computers

“Neal is a hardworking, talented designer who comes through when it matters most.”

Blaine Nielsen
President, DropShip Commerce

“Neal is a talented graphic designer. He has a keen eye for detail and he brings a great deal of professionalism to his work. I was lucky enough to work with him on different projects during our time at Prosper, and I was very impressed by how hard he would work and the great designs he'd produce. He is a talented designer, reliable co-worker, and has a great attitude. Neal's enthusiasm and relentless work ethic make him a pleasure to work with.”

Jennifer Ringger
Online Marketing Manager, Xango

“Neal's work as a designer speaks for itself. The man is creative and takes pride in his work. But, from a marketer's perspective, the great strength I see in Neal -- aside from his awesome artistic abilities -- is an understanding of usability and user psychology. Neal is an artist, no question about it. But he's an artist who designs with a great understanding and care for the end user.”

Stuart Lisonbee
SEO Consultant, Independent Contractor

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