About Neal Jenks

Neal Jenks

Look, what do you really want from a design? Do you want it to just sit there looking all pretty?

You want beautiful design, but you want so much more than that. You want it to accomplish something in this world. After all, you have big plans: A bottom line to improve, an interface to cleanse, a marketing campaign to refine. So chances are, you want someone in your corner who will create gorgeous designs that accomplish focused, meaningful goals.

My name is Neal Jenks, and that's exactly who I am.

I offer 13 years of industry experience in creative direction, web design, usability and landing page optimization, copy writing, branding, interface design, print design, and more. I have two certifications from Marketing Experiments: Landing Page Optimization and Email Optimization. I have also completed extensive usability training via Nielsen Norman Group. 

You will NOT find another designer with my unique ability to turn a project from something beautiful into something beautifully effective. Period.

Ready to see how I can make design work for you? Contact me today to request a free consultation, to request a resume, or just to reach out.